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Providing exceptional 1-on-1 therapy and wellness services in the comfort of your home. We are an independent private practice servicing clients in the greater Cincinnati, OH metro area.
We are participating providers with Medicare B and accept other methods of payment via insurance out of network benefits, HSA (health savings plan) and self pay. 
We bring the clinic to you!!

See what our clients have to say about their experience working with our team 

Dr. Angela Onyekanne PT, DPT Owner/Physical Therapist 


Dr. Angela Onyekanne PT, DPT
Owner/Physical Therapist 

She is  committed  to enhancing the overall aging experience for all clients she serves with the hope that their individual functional goals are being met to live their best lives.  



Because we are a mobile practice, we believe that servicing our clients in the comfort of home removes the barriers of transportation, scheduling and accessibility. This allows us to focus more on what goals you would like to accomplish.

Our Mobile PT can assist with ambulation difficulty, impaired balance and falls risk factors, joint pain. ,, 

Our Mobile ST can assist with changes in voice articulation and volume, language and cognitive impairment...

Our Mobile OT can assist with effective participation in life tasks, impairments of the upper extremity, adaptive equipment..

Our specialized therapy team is certified in offering LSVT "Big" therapy and Speak Out for...

We realize that some clients are not consistent with keeping up with  their post therapy exercise and activity recommendations


Taking care of a client with cognitive impairment that progresses through various stages can be...

If Aging in Place in your own home is a goal, we can provide an in home environmental and mobility assessment to make..



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