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Having "the talk" isn't something we should avoid

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

I was recently interviewed by colleagues in the wellness space regarding my take on healthy aging and how to best support our aging loved ones. This idea is centered around how we should best have "the talk" to get ahead of making some challenging decisions on our loved one's behalf. We all should expect that as we get older our lifestyles and health will change. However, what is the best way to be prepared especially for those of us having to facilitate our loved one's wishes in an effort for them to have the best care?

It was an honor for me to be featured on the Health in Motion podcast episode #33: Healthy Aging for Longevity. Show hosts Evie Takacs with Holistically Restored and Dr. Alexis Hutchison of Absolute Kinetics Physical Therapy facilitated an informative conversation regarding tips for aging successfully. To hear the entire episode, click below!

In addition, Lindsey Bonadanna (a healthy habits coach and founder of Kale and Cake, LLC) featured me on her healthy happy hour Facebook live show (on October 13, 2021) to discuss how to best support our aging loved ones. To view the entire interview on Lindsey's Facebook page, click below!

Both interviews had similar content but here is a summary of the specific points that I want all readers to know and understand. Please tune in to hear my answers to the following questions.

  • Why did I become a Geriatric Physical Therapist?

  • What can we all be doing to age well?

  • How do we advocate for the older adults in our lives?

  • How to deal with resistive loved ones who may not adapt to change or advice for managing their healthcare?

  • What might we see that would indicate that they should see a physical therapist?

  • How do we start the important discussion around making lifestyle decisions that will impact our aging loved ones?

With the aging population growing at a vast rate we need in-depth insight on how to best care for, advocate and support the older adults in our lives. This in turn will improve the overall quality of their life and manage challenges before they arise.

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