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Senior Services Spotlight: Home aide services supports healthy aging

Check out this Blog Series titled the Senior Services Spotlight! Each article will showcase a different Senior service informing the reader of some specific thoughts and questions when seeking out these services. For this month’s spotlight I am highlighting in home aide services.

I often will recommend that a client consider using a nonmedical aide service to assist with things that they have difficulty doing independently. Family and friends can be a challenge to depend on; however, the use of such a service can make one’s life easier and safe.

As of lately, the demand for in-home private duty aide care has increased exponentially as more older adults desire to age in place at home.

Here are lists of 5 thoughts and questions to consider.
  1. What is the minimum number of hours that I must commit to? 4 hours seems to be the “average” minimum shift time required because this gives ample time to accomplish significant tasks for the client. These tasks include accompanying the client to a doctor's appointment, assist with ADL’s (activities of daily living) for example, meal prep, laundry, and light housekeeping, medication reminders, companionship for socialization, and personal care.

  2. Will the aide be able to assist with mobility support and exercise? This is important to maintain your current functional level if physical assist is needed to ambulate and transfer safely. If the client is provided a home exercise program by a physical therapist, they can utilize the aide service time to assist them with those exercises.

  3. How much do aide services typically cost? According to, the national average for aide services through a certified agency is $22 an hour. This varies based on location and shift differential.

  4. Will I have the same aide assigned to me every time? Consistency in caregivers may be a challenge to accommodate with most home aide agencies; however, clients are given a care manager or are followed closely by the operations manager who is consistent in overseeing the ongoing needs of the client so that the service plan is communicated correctly to the aide that is servicing the client for that day.

  5. When an aide is needed for both a husband and wife duo, service plans and rates may vary to accommodate the needs of each person individually and collectively.

Several companies offer this service, and I encourage you to choose the service that can best meet your individual needs. Using such a service would mean relieving you of the burden of physical tasks that are a challenge to complete or perform safely. Even if needed for a shift every week, additional support will help make your life easier.

If you have any questions, please let me know! I would love to answer any questions you may have on nonmedical aide service.

~Dr. Angela Onyekanne PT, DPT

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